Monday, November 19, 2007

Iceberg - Light White & Blue - Right Sidebar - Fluid Width

Iceberg theme is the third theme I make for BlogSpot Soft Themes & the first that has a fluid width, this means that it will always fit the width of your browser window. Colors are mainly white & blue with a red title color that you can change easily from your Blogger dashboard. More about this template can be found in the Demo Blog.

All you need to do to install the theme is to copy / paste a code into your blog, as the background images are all already uploaded to Both the code & the layout pictures are posted in the demo blog ...

Don't forget to backup your previous template before you install this one, just in case something goes wrong. For detailed installation instructions, see this post.

Get The Code

If you want to download the layout pictures for any reason, they're posted HERE.

I hope you like, Enjoy!

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linda zhao said...

Hi I've used this for my blog, thanks! :)