Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to Install a BlogSpot Template

It's much simpler than what you might imagine, a copy / paste work & you're done!

First in your Blogger Dashboard, in the area in which you see your Blog title & some options, click on the "Layout" link ..

You will get to the panel in which you manage your Blog with the "Template" tab & the "Page Elements" sub-tab selected. Select the "Edit HTML" sub-tab ..

Now you should be able to see a field that contains the HTML code of your Blog.

Above that field there's a check-box with this text: "Expand Widget Templates", make sure that box is unchecked.

Now you will have to erase the existing code from the field & paste in the code of the template from this Blog you want to use.

Click on "SAVE TEMPLATE", you're done.


  1. There's an option to backup your template above the HTML field, I highly recommend you use it before you do any changes to save the original template, just in case something goes wrong.

  2. By applying the new template, if you have some widgets all will be lost, you will get a warning about that when you click on "SAVE TEMPLATE". All your posts however are safe.

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